Re : Roleplaying groups

Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 12:19:56 EET

George W. Harris

>>>I want to explore new ways of thinking, ethics and metaphysics,
>>>_as_well_as_ have fun.
>>So do I, but that doesn't mean I can't have a fantastic time playing an
>>MGF scenario at a convention.

> ...this, in turn, by drawing a distinction between the two seems to imply
>that those groups who think that new ways of thinking, ethics and
>metaphysics *are* the essence of MGF are in some way bad roleplaying groups.
>Which is simplistic, divisive and abusive.

I don't imply anything of the kind. People who thing the essence of MGF is
abstruse cogitation, ethical dilemas and metaphysical discourse, or whatever,
simply have a different understanding of MGF to me. When have I said anything
to imply I think it's any better or worse than mine?

Oh... I didn't, good. Nice to get our facts streight, isn't it?

Simon Hibbs


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