Melisandes Hand

From: Andreas Mueller (
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 13:26:31 EET


I'm just GMing the Scenario Melisandes Hand out of Sun County. I realized some
peculiarities I'd like your comment/help
In all maps is Garhound north of White Rock River, in Jaxarte Whydeds (?) Journal it is
mentioned as being situated at the frontier to Sun County. In the map of Garhound, the
reverse is true.
Also tells Jaxarte Whydeds (?) Journal that Garhound is located at a ford over the
White Rock River, the Garhound-Map shows a bridge.
The number of Temples/Shrines seems a bit high for me (concerning the town-size of 866
people and the rules in RQ)
Why are the riding animals horses (Yes, I know Pol Joni and that, but a frontier town
to the wastes should better think twice about using horses)
Why should Stikklebrix, the Pol Joni brave, not care about wounding horses? After all,
horses are the animals of his tribe.
Sorry, if all these questions have been answered in the past.

I'm doing the scenario with the following subplots:
homicide (as proposed)
Sor-Eel favors Myrrhyn Calmstorm (as proposed)
Family clash between Melisandes and Carilyns families

Has anybody sample conversations/ statements, ideas and/or background to the
participants of the competition, with which I can flesh out the scenario? If you don't
want to answer via the list, please email me at

Thank you in advance,



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