Dragonewt Mysticism

From: Julian Lord (julianlord@yahoo.fr)
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 13:29:08 EET

Benedict Adamson :

> Dragonewts (IIRC) try to reduce
> their 'entanglements' with the world.
> I supose having to eat would be one, so perhaps the
> more spiritually advanced Dragonewts don't eat at

> all, or eat very little.

Hmmm ...

Personally, I'm coming to believe something a little
different about dragonewt mysticism.

I think that instead, dragonewts seek to reduce the
entanglements of the world with them, if that makes
any sense (?).

That is, their Denial powers would be closely linked
with their Devouring abilities : Dragonewts seek to
distance themselves from the World by Eating it all
up. As they proceed in their mystic development, they
appear (from an unenlightened POV) to become larger
and more powerful (but this is merely a manifest
side-effect of a deeper mystical 'Truth'), and their
Devouring abilities increase on the same scale, until
they finally start turning into Dragons (luckily for
other Gloranthans, their increased detachment from
Glorantha is manifest as longer and longer sleep
periods AKA Mystic Trances).

Of course, there's some sort of
difficulty/self-contradiction here ;
but that is how some dragonewts become renegades ;
by absorbing the manifest nature of their foods (as
Nourishment) without succeeding in Denying them
(instead, they absorb the forces of a depraved
material Nature). But hey, nobody ever said that it's
easy to destroy the Universe !!

> Or perhaps, as Dragonewts are weird, the
> relationship between what and how much they eat and
> how well nourished they are is unusual.

From this point of view, seeking 'Nourishment'
is just another spiritual failing, and a bit
brontosaurish IIRC (the Brontosaur is Manifest
Reality, and shows the obvious failure of the
dragonewt to master Devouring and manifest Destruction
; the dragonewt 'eats' instead, and gains
'Nourishment' from the 'foodstuffs'. Its bloated and
monstrous body manifests the corruption of its own
inner nature).

Another obvious conclusion is that dragonewt shit is
Highly Embarrassing Evidence of one's Spiritual
Failings, and dragonewts will always attempt to Devour
their own excrements, if they are worthy enough (this
is always a bit dangerous, spiritually) ; otherwise,
they must offer it to their Elders, for more skillful
consumption of this matter.

Bon appetit !!

Julian Lord

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