TENTACLES: News Post 3

From: Fabian (fabian.kuechler@medien.uni-weimar.de)
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 14:45:44 EET

Volume 1, Number 3, March 20th, 2000

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~ N e w s & G o s s i p ~

Tentacles Millennium has all engines under steam and already had a
collusion with a nasty fireberg. Our Tentacle of Honour, Sandy
Petersen, send us this note:

>Incredibly bad news

>It turns out that I need to undergo foot surgery this summer, and thus
will not be fit to travel
>to Germany. This sucks major league and I am VERY disappointed. I hope
maybe to get >overseas next year? Or the year after? Ah well, good luck
with Tentacles!

>Sandy P.

Gosh, we are disappointed as well! You never know which horrors lash at
you running a Tentacles Con.

~ T e n t a c l e d G u e s t s ~

R o b e r t s o n, Roderick
Hero Wars Line Editor and *official* Glorantha Expert, is attending. He
is, according to Greg Stafford, *the second most informed guy about Hero
Wars*. Roderick will introduce the new game, host panels, teach GM's and
present a bunch of happy scenarios for Hero Wars. He is also editing for
the Pendragon RPG and will be happy to talk about Arthurian Knights and
their handicrafts.

W h i t a k e r, Lawrence
A nice man and *Chaosium's Elric! Guy*, is coming again. Lawrence will
be happy to whaffel about Elric!, Hawkmoon and the Unknown East and
plays a leading character in our Elric! freeform. There will also be a
Elric! Tournament again.

B r o o k e, Nick
A long time friend and guest of our Convention, is attending as well.
Nick will enlighten us with is radiant presence, entertain us with his
exquisite Orate skill and will run Chris Gidlow's Tarsh Wars for us.

We are currently spending a lot of Power (TM) in summoning other
tentacled guests as well.

~ H o r r o r s a l i v e a n d f r e e f o r m i n g ~

Here is our pride and joy! Tentacles will feature a hell lot of small
freeform games. The sign up for the listed games will take place at the
convention! We will report about clashes in the programme at the end of
April. There will probably be a small charge for the games, which
payable on the spot, to cover production costs.

O r k a l s B u l l
written by Neil Robinson

A lusty tale of political strife in an isolated barbarian clan. With the
death of Venharl the Powerful and the election of Penorri Venharl’s-Son,
it seemed that peace had come to the Vostangi at last. But then Vargast,
head of the Varing family, had his prize Bull stolen, while Orkal, a
client of Orlalont of the Orlings, has a new Bull he claims to have
bought down in Clearwine. Will the bloodfeud destroy the clan?

16 Players / Glorantha

O p e r a t i o n S p a n n e r
written by Dan Barker and Bazz Hoftyzer

Progress report on work-shift 320978.5736-A
A secluded group of true, pure of heart and mind Mostali, intent to
repair the World-Machine.They are on strict-deadlines, as all the signs
say that something bad is brewing for Mostali-kind.Everything would be
operational if it wasn't for the arrival of some Mostali at their

Why are they there? Are they true Mostali? Or are they polluted by the
world of Grower? If so can they be brought back to the One-True Way?

20 Players / Glorantha

T a r s h W a r s
written by Chris Gidlow

War-drums are beating along the Bush Range. On the hill-tops blaze the
fires of the Tars Gor, summoning the clans to wash their axes in the
blood of enemies. The natives are restless, and one thing alone stands
between civilisation and scalp-taking savagery. A thin red line, a line
glimmering with Silver, Bronze and Steel: the Lunar Army!

Join the serried ranks! Lead the army of the Great Red Queen to the very
foothills of Wintertop! Defend the Pax Lunara in a last-ditch struggle,
or plant the Red Vexillum in the smoking ruins of a Tarsh encampment!
Live or die, the tales of your exploits will stir the Empire!

13 Players / Glorantha

S a c k o f I m r r y r
written by Pummel

Become a member of the final conference planning the"Sack of Imrryr".
The most important diplomats and warriors of the 6 nations will take
part and meet in the privacy at the villa of Filkhars richest Sea-Food
producer. They will discuss the last discrepancies between them.
Alliance and intrigue, discussion and duel, love and hatred, all of this
expect the players and much more. Be there as rivals become allies,
enemies turn into friends and start the most important event in the
history of the Young Kingdoms.

21 Players / Elric!

T h o s e W h o F a l t e r a n d T h o s e W h o F a l l
written by Anja Bleicher and Thorsten Grube

Information available soon. There is a pre registration for this event
which will start at the 1st May 2000.

30 Players / Call of Cthulhu

~ H e r o W a r s & J u s t M o r e G a m e s ~

Is our credo this year. We will have less panels and more space for
games. Tentacles will be proud to be the first Glorantha Convention to
welcome the arrival of Hero Wars on the mundane plane. We do our best to
suck every drop of blood and support out of Issaries Inc. for scenarios,
tournament games, gifts and prices. We will even have a small release
party for Hero Wars!
So sign up, meet fellow gamers and play the game! Its is going to be an
exciting start.

There will be also a Elric! Tournament as well as numerous games for
Call of Cthulhu. We invite everybody to bring his/her home made
collection of Glorantha Board and Card Games and inflatable toys for our
wet wild Trollball Show. No problem if you want to run your own games.

Tentacles features again: the famous castle above the rhine river, good
weather, special effects, good cheap beer, 2 filling meals a day, a dry
comfortable bed, computer network gaming, the Infoshrine our efficient
Convention plant for information, alka selzer & asprin and us crazy pals
from the Chaos Society Germany as well as a bag of surprises.

~ T i m i n g & C o s t s ~

Tentacles Millennium will take place at castle Stahleck in Bacharach,
from Friday the 9th to Monday the 12th June 2000.
The Convention will open programme Friday evening around 19.00 and end
around 11.00 on Monday.

The price for 3 nights at the Convention, including breakfast and
dinner, is 72 EUR! A common beer at the Con cost around 2 DM which is
less than 1 EUR, 1 Dollar or 1/2 British Pound (shameless plug of
course). Donations either in games or money are welcome.

~ A u c t i o n ~

Our last auction had to few bidders, to few items and was scheduled at a
bad time in the afternoon. Heck, it sounds like we killed this event.
But wait! We will try to reanimate. The auction will take place at nice,
warm spot at Sunday night. Come along to help and bring old, exotic and
precious games, magazines, books etc. for Glorantha, RQ, CoC, Elric!,
Pendragon and Schund you would like to turn into cash. The Convention is
happy about all the support it can get that helps to hold on to the low
membership rates.

~ I f y o u a r e c o m i n g f r o m G r e a t B r i t a i n ~

If you like to fly in from Great Britain check out the Ryan Air Airline
They are flying at very cheap airfares from London Stansted and other
places in GB to the Airport Hahn, Germany which is about 20 minutes (!)
from the castle Stahleck. You need to use a parachute to get closer to
the Convention out of the sky!

~ I f y o u a r e c o m i n g f r o m J a p a n ~

If you are coming from Japan fly to Frankfurt Main Airport. It is
located close to the castle and transport to Bacharach is not to
difficult and takes around 1 hour. We may even pick you up on the way!

~ L a n g u a g e B a r r i e r ~

Well, there is none as long as you speak and/or understand English.
International guests are very welcome!

~ S i g n u p ~

You can sign up for Tentacles online at:

Membership will close at the 30th April 2000.

~ U s e f u l W e b s i t e s ~

The official Tentacles Convention site:
where you can find information, pictures of the castle

to sign up for Tentacles online.

Go to:
the official website of the German RQ-Gesellschaft and have a look a
some pictures of the last Tentacles Convention.

Go to:
to find out about cheap airfares from GB to Germany (Hahn Airport see

Deutsche Bahn:
here you can find information on how to get o Bacharach by train.

Fabian Kuechler
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~~TENTACLES Convention~~

We want YOU for - TENTACLES Millennium!
9th-12th June 2000; Castle Stahleck, Germany

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