Re: Dragonewts ecology

From: Gian Gero (
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 16:59:43 EET

Hi to all. This is to great an opportunity to let it slip away.
Peter Metcalfe, do forgive me, but you possibly made an error:

>A further breakdown depends on the proportion of 'newts of each kind.
>The Dragon Pass boardgame gives the 'newts three priest counters,
>five beaked counters and eight crested counters. Assuming the priests
> >counter are tailed/nobles and that the number of full dragonewts >is
>neglible, we get the following rough breakdown:

I ask you pardon again, Peter, but AFAIK: there are _four_ classes of
Dragonewts kind at the moment.
The Crested= scout
The beaked= warrior
The Tailed= Priest
The Winged= Noble
Unless you mean that full dragonewts are the noble class (something I didn't
read anywhere) you _have_ to split the three priest counters among the two
classes, e.g. 2 are priests (tailed) and one are nobles (winged).

I could be totally wrong, I am aware of that. But the opportunity to try and
correct Peter once in a life was worth my effort :-)

NONE offence meant, Peter.

Humbly Gianfranco
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