Dragonewts and Beast People

From: Master Gollum (MasterGollum@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 18:03:00 EET

Benedict Adamson:
>I supose having to eat would be one, so perhaps the more spiritually
>advanced Dragonewts don't eat at all, or eat very little.

It's right! 'newts eat a diferent food in each stage. The Peter's
observations agree the Book rules and Issaries document. I think
dragonewts need eat as other races, at least the three first stages.

>Crested 'newts: 10,000
>Beaked 'newts: 6,250
>Tailed Priests: 3,750
>The Dragon's Eye is a large city and thus has between six and twenty-
>five thousand 'newts.

If crested (50% of population) eat leaves and bark, that pick in forest,
and the Beaked (30%) hunt around whole Dragon Pass and Prax, they need
invert too much time! The 80% of city is out! They cann't go out city
for eat every day. An hunter economy is very expensive in time and

>Beaked 'newts are carnivores and must support themselves by hunting.
Beaked 'newts are the warriors of Dragonhood. Thus a basic mainstay for
the security of their nests. An important number of beakeds need stay
I imagine 'newt comunity as a beehive or an ant's nest. Not only for
their architecture, also for their organization of work. The crested
'newts are the working class, the moviment of nest, they are slave, in
charge to provide the nest of vital needs.
Possibly groups of hunter of crested lead for beaked 'newts cross
Dragonewt Roads to remote places. The Groups of Hunter and Dance are
importants, not only for the survival of Dragonhood place, also its are
educational function. Its are the first step for the individual
meditation of next stages.

- ------------------
>harpies are not considered to be beast people by anyone.

    These foul hybrid women are a degenerative race of beast folk,
    posibly related to the Swan Maidens of Kerofinela. They are no
    truly of chaos, [...]
                    Lords of Terror, pg 18

>the Elurae fox-women
I never read about them. Who are?

I mention the possible connection between ninfes and beast people,
beacause classic mitology connect the satirs with them. Besides in
centaur description say these creatures are respect by others creatures
of nature, as ninfes, satirs or children of wind. And they are a
shamantic society.

Master Gollum


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