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>I'm new this list and I have only been RQing for 2 years. So I just
>hade to ask this question (and feel free to call me an idiot) :who the
>heck is Argrath? Thank you very much.
>P.S. I am only 14.

>Victor Lane

Argrath is the Hero who rises to become Prince of Sartar and orchestrate
the overthrow of the Lunar Empire in the 'standard' history of
Glorantha. Your Glorantha May Vary and mine certainly will if my players
can get their acts together.

All that you need to know about Argrath is contained in KING OF SARTAR,
Greg Stafford's compilation of history and legend about Argrath. It's
written as if by a scholar many, many centuries after Argrath lived,
trying (and failing) to piece together the truth about this legendary
world-saviour. It has several different versions of Argrath's times and
some of us here have concocted even more variant versions.

Briefly he was born in Sartar (one tradition says 'his father was a
stickpicker' which is the lowest class of free Orlanthi, others say he
was of quite distinguished lineage) and fled his homeland when he got
involved in resisting the Lunar occupation. He lived for a while in
Pavis, probably under the name of Garrath Sharpsword, and was one of the
leaders of the ragtag army that defended the Giant's Cradle from the

Lunars in the 1620s. (This was probably the start of his becoming a
Giantfriend.) At sea the Cradle was met by the Wolf Pirates of Harrek
the Berserk. Argrath and Harrek fought each other to a standstill and
Argrath joined the Wolf-Pirates when his wounds had cleared up.

He returned to Sartar as an associate of Kallyr Starbrow and was with
her when she liberated Boldhome from the Lunars and became Prince. After
her death (which some heretics like me and Jane Williams have speculated
was arranged by Argrath) he became Prince and eventually King of Dragon
Pass. He lead a growing alliance to bring down the Lunar Empire and in
pursuit of that aim performed the Lightbringers Quest to return Sheng
Seleris to life.

He finally achieved his life's ambition by summoning seven great dragons
who tore down the Red Moon.

That's the simple version. The truth may be more complex. Hell the truth
*must* be more complex.

>Not going to school, to busy getting an education

Correction: Not going to school, too busy getting an education.
Don't mention it. You're welcome.
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Michael Cule


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