Argrath's Helpers

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 23:04:23 EET

Thomas Gottschall:

>>Actually the King of Sartar says it's Polestar, which makes more
>>sense with the star on her head that Orlanth would do.

Peter Metcalfe

> But the reference you gave (p38) is quite late (Argrath's Saga)
> and contradicted elsewhere (p130) which indicates that the
> Wind Children helped him instead. So the statement is not
> necessarily authoritative.

I'd rather say the definition of "who is _the_ helper from above" is
fairly irrelevant to Kallyr's relation to Polestar. The various versions
disagree about which of the many people who came to Argrath's aid was
worth including in the short list, and would likely agree that the
others came as well - "they just weren't important".

>>I remember
>>that the choreography at the ritual in 1625 at the new temple was
>>hightly stelar inluenced in my opinion, one more hint why Kallyr was
>>so valuable.

> But a priest of Polaris was already present there and Kallyr
> was present as part of Orlanth's Ring.

Actually, there seem to have been a priest and a priestess, since both
male and female pronouns were used for the Pole Star representants.

Kallyr's value may have been that she knew the mythic path to Pole Star,
through all the other constellations.


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