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From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Thu 16 Mar 2000 - 23:11:40 EET

Master Gollum

> Where is Kethaela? In my maps this land is changing. Some at south
> of Maniria (between Esloria and Ramalia), others comprise the
> Shadowlands, Heorland and Esloria. I discover a map of Sartar
> where Kethaela is only the Shadowlands.

Kethaela is mostly a synonym for the Holy Country. The Shadow Plateau,
Esrolia, Caladraland, the Rightarm Islands, God Forgot and Heortland are
parts of it, and will be shown as "Kethaela" if they are the parts
bordering to the main region shown in the map.

To the west, it might be debatable how far Kethaela extends. Mythically,
the people of Wenelia are the descendants of Kethaa and Entru. Some are
known to have migrated west from Esrolia, others seem to be native in
western Maniria. On the other hand, neither the Only Old One nor the
Pharaoh ever managed to gain a magical or mundane hold on western
Maniria. This may mean that they did not claim to get sovereignty from
Kethaa (but Esrola/Asrelia).

By such a definition, Kethaela might include western Maniria as well.
However, nobody seems to use this definition, rendering it meaningless.
When the sources refer to Kethaela, the area of the Holy Country is


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