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Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 21:08:04 EET

> Andreas wrote:
> I'm just GMing the Scenario Melisandes Hand out
> of Sun County. I realized some peculiarities I'd
> like your comment/help on:

        It is true that there are some weird mistakes and oversights. Garhound
should certainly be north of the river or it would be in Sun County. The
best solution is to turn the map over and reverse the North arrow. Make
sure the river still flows to the Zola Fel.

        The guy who wrote the Jaxarte story might not be the one who wrote
'Melisand's hand', so errors like this happen. If you can show that

Jaxart came through before your Garhound contest, then you could say that
the bridge is new construction. If later. you might say that the bridge
burned down, or nomads destroyed it, and Jaxart had to use the ford during
the period before rebuilding occurred.
        Under the RQ rules, all but one or two of the temples are really shrines.
There should be a minor temple to Ernalda by adding worshippers from the
country side, and there might be a minor temple to 7 Mothers, but I doubt
it. The combined shrines to the Lightbringers might be stretched to be
considered as a temple, but I doubt that, also.
        Horses are used in Garhound because the writer assumes that the Scritian
Orlanthi use horses (valid), which includes Garhounders, and that the
nomads have not been able to destroy them yet. Sun County has probably
started using horses again since New Pavis was built, though they are
probably reserved for the military elite troops at the moment. Remember
that Yelmalioans can learn Kuschille Horse Archery if they have access to
horses. They would want this to happen.

> Why should Stikklebrix, the Pol Joni brave, not
> care about wounding horses?
        I am not sure what you refer to, my memory fails me, but I consider
Stikklebrix to be very 'not my problem' about the care of someone else's
Stancliff (the other Boggle)


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