Who the heck is Argrath?

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Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 22:40:47 EET

Victor Lane writes
<< :who the heck is Argrath? Thank you very much. >>

Good question, and one that the book King of Sartar spends several hundred
pages failing to answer. The Dragon Pass rulebook describes him as
''descended from Sartar on his mother's side.''. He was an exile in Prax and
Pavis for some time before returning to Sartar. There may be more than one
Argrath, a nomad leader called Argrath Whitebull for example. Argrath may
even be a title, meaning 'liberator' and could easily be applied to more than
one individual.

My own opinion is that he was an opportunist rebel who managed to make some
powerful allies, managed to take over certain useful organisations (the Sword
Brothers, the Bullocks for example,) and ended up as High King. He is less of
a Hero, more of a crafty operator.

<< P.S. I am only 14.>>

A good age to get into Glorantha.

Keith N


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