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<< Why are the riding animals horses (Yes, I know Pol Joni and that, but a
frontier town
 to the wastes should better think twice about using horses)>>

Horses are animals of the sun and would have been a traditional riding animal
in the early days of the Sun Dome Temple, but I agree that it does seem odd
after the Solitude of Testing to still have horses as part of the ritual. I
would have thought Zebras would have been substituted, maybe Ostrich, or

<< Why should Stikklebrix, the Pol Joni brave, not care about wounding
horses? After all,
 horses are the animals of his tribe. >>

But he is a Storm Bull initiate, and ignores taboos. Besides, the Pol Joni
are less animal specific than the rest of the nomad tribes (IMO) and
certainly less picky than their forerunners, the Pure Horse tribe.

Keith N

Keith N


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