Dragonewtonian Physics

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Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 22:41:55 EET

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<< think that instead, dragonewts seek to reduce the
 entanglements of the world with them, if that makes
 any sense (?).>>

Of course it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and is therefore perfectly
suited to dragonewts. Although I am not sure of the exact details of your
proposal I like the idea. Not that anyone in Glorantha, except dragonewts
and a few wise scholar wyrms, would know or believe such a thing.
 <<That is, their Denial powers would be closely linked
 with their Devouring abilities : Dragonewts seek to
 distance themselves from the World by Eating it all

 up. As they proceed in their mystic development, they
 appear (from an unenlightened POV) to become larger
 and more powerful (but this is merely a manifest
 side-effect of a deeper mystical 'Truth'), and their
 Devouring abilities increase on the same scale, until
 they finally start turning into Dragons >>

Basically, they eat their own shit, or the especially shit shit of their
inferiors. And it contains some sort of mystic residue. Interesting. So if
they offer you some should you eat it? Lhankhor Mhy sages now seeking brave
volunteers for important field study.

Keith N


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