Re: Spirit Magic in HW

Date: Mon 20 Mar 2000 - 23:42:48 EET

Bryan Maloney:

<< I thought that common folk magic would just fall into the same set of
"magick-ish" feats/abilities/whatnots as the rest of HW, just with fewer
wuuble-yews next to the numbers... Isn't that what "scalability" comes down
to? It's the most elegant solution I could come up with from looking at the
truncated rules. >>

     Exactly so. 'Spirit' magic specifically, would be what HW calls Animist
Magic, presumably to avoid confusion with the RQ term. Its magic that comes
from the spirits, but it can be relatively weak if you're a starting
character, or stonkingly deadly if you're an experienced shaman with multiple
masteries in Summon Scary Things From The Beyond. But what RQ2 called battle
magic (and RQ3, somewhat erroneously, IMO, called 'spirit magic') is just low
powered theist or animist magic in HW, not any specific tradition or set of

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