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Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 02:34:00 EET

Master Gollum <> writes:

>If crested (50% of population) eat leaves and bark, that pick in
>forest, and the Beaked (30%) hunt around whole Dragon Pass and Prax,
>they need invert too much time! The 80% of city is out! They cann't
>go out city for eat every day. An hunter economy is very expensive in
>time and resource.

In the Real World, reptiles don't eat nearly as much as mammals,
because they have a much lower energy budget. If a beaked dragonewt
ate as much as a Komodo dragon, it'd eat about once a month or so.
There are probably more than 4000 oras on Komodo, and it's not a big

In the Real World, hunter/gatherers spend surprisingly little time
hunting and gathering. I can't find a quick reference to this with
Google, so I'll leave it to our resident anthropologists to correct me.

However, I think this is a moot point. Dragonewts are not
hunter/gatherers. They are an advanced, urbanized culture. Perhaps
the most advanced, most urbanized culture in Glorantha. Their
buildings surely look even stranger than the Sydney Opera House. They
use the Otherworld as a rapid transit system. They don't hunt for food
unless in the wilderness (everywhere outside the city). For all we
know, the needs of their cities are supplied from the Otherworld.

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