Dragonewt ecology

From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 03:23:20 EET

Gian Gero:

>>The Dragon Pass boardgame gives the 'newts three priest counters,
>>five beaked counters and eight crested counters. Assuming the priests
>>counter are tailed/nobles and that the number of full dragonewts is
>>neglible, we get the following rough breakdown:

>I ask you pardon again, Peter, but AFAIK: there are _four_ classes of
>Dragonewts kind at the moment.
>The Crested= scout
>The beaked= warrior
>The Tailed= Priest
>The Winged= Noble

RQ2 called the third stage "tailed priests" which in RQ3 were called
Nobles. The fourth stage were called "full priests" in RQ2 and
Rulers in RQ3.

>Unless you mean that full dragonewts are the noble class (something I didn't
>read anywhere) you _have_ to split the three priest counters among the two
>classes, e.g. 2 are priests (tailed) and one are nobles (winged).

No, I don't. I assumed that the number of fourth stage dragonewts
was neglible compared to the dragonewt population as a whole. If
one counter was composed of full priests then it would be much
stronger than the other two - which isn't the case from the
Dragon Pass order of Battle.

The RQ3 rulebook states there are only several Rulers in a town-
sized cluster which makes less than 50 rulers for all of the
dragonewt towns plus a further twenty or thirty rulers in the
Dragon's Eye itself. Since the Dragon Pass units consist of
roughly a thousand strong each, the full priests are neglible in
DP terms - I suppose they lead the various units and act as the
Inhuman King's Bodyguard.

Master Gollum:

>If crested (50% of population) eat leaves and bark, that pick in forest,
>and the Beaked (30%) hunt around whole Dragon Pass and Prax, they need
>invert too much time! The 80% of city is out! They cann't go out city
>for eat every day. An hunter economy is very expensive in time and

No, it isn't. Firstly some terrestial carnivores such as lions only
eat about once a week (but gorge themselves in that meal) so Beaked
'newts need not eat every day.

Secondly, 'newts as intelligent creatures can gather food for others
so no everybody has to leave the town boundary to eat.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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