From: Gian Gero (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 09:30:56 EET

>Why should Stikklebrix, the Pol Joni brave, not
>care about wounding horses?
        I am not sure what you refer to, my memory fails me, but I consider
Stikklebrix to be very 'not my problem' about the care of someone else's
Stancliff (the other Boggle)

Just my immodest explanation: Stikkle is an Orlanthi (Heortling) Storm Bull,
so his "Violence is always an option" Orlanthi bias is severely raised. In
the Melisande contest, with this note, the author meant IMO that simply S
didn't care to hit horses or riders as far as his blows helps him winning
the contest.
In my playing, Stikkle effectively won the contest (beating the regular PC,
an advanced Orlanthi) even if he losed this particular event (the mounted
duel). For a year or so the Garhound Militiamen were forced by their new
leader to scramble the region without rest in order to "discover and destroy
any chaos nest". At the end of the year, Stikkle was drunk by his own
comrades to inhibit him from participating the Garhound contest again... :-)


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