Grazelander nomadic trends

From: Richard Develyn (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 11:27:21 EET

w.r.t. The latest Grazelander info in HW.

Grazelanders migrate twice yearly, but also have vendref farmsteads who grow

Is it just the Grazers who migrate and the vendref stay behind (and are they
all sort of pooled by the grazers)?

Or do the vendref migrate too, but only some Grazer/vendref clans migrate
whereas others are stationary?

Or some other explanation?

And would I be right in saying that Grazer's value their horses more than
their vendref?

And why are the vendref so gutless? They're almost like the equivalent of
Oasis people in Dragon Pass. If they're ex-Heortlings why don't they join up
with other Heortlings and rebel? Or are they just simple people who are
happy to be farmers?




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