Those foxy women

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Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 13:30:24 EET

Hi everyone,

Master Gollum :

> >the Elurae fox-women
> I never read about them. Who are?

They are mentioned in KoS on page 103, I give you the passage.

"King Ironhoof

- -.. There were many creatures who were numbered among the beastfolks.
There were horse things called centaurs. There were deerman things,
called satyrs. There were fox woman things, called elurae. There were
duck things, call darulz. There were cow things, called minotaurs."

Question : Does it not seem like the Elurae would be quite a major
race of the beast folk then ?

And would Orlanthi women mind if they would be called a fox ?

Since we are into foxes anyway, there is a nice folk tale named "The
Fox King" by Nick Brooke. Feel free to check out :
bye, Thomas

"Dreams are the best things reality has to offer..."

Sartar page :
Telmori page :


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