I do not want to know...

From: rmeints (rmeints@ford.com)
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 15:45:43 EET

As for the eating habits of dragonewts...

I do not want to know. We really cannot comprehend what they are up to
Just because some dragonewts hunt does not necessarily mean that they
hunt for
food. Just because somebody sees a dragonewt eat something does not mean
eat for noursishment. Maybe a dragonewt acts like a herbivore because he
has been
given the punishment of eating green things for a season. I have no
doubt that most
dragonewts have no particular taboos about eating anything, including
each other,
or each others feces. For all we know, dragonewt droppings might be a
message system they use to exchange information. Lastly, I am very sure
dragonewts sometimes do weird things in front of non-dragonewts just to
our reaction.

The Inhuman King has that title for a reason after all...

The only book I would ever want to see on dragonewts would be how to
them as weirdly and unpredictably as possible AND only as NPCs.


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