Dragonewt feeding habits

From: Graham J Robinson (gjr@dcs.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 15:48:56 EET

>In the Real World, hunter/gatherers spend surprisingly little time
>hunting and gathering. I can't find a quick reference to this with
>Google, so I'll leave it to our resident anthropologists to correct me.

Certainly early settlers on Orkney have been estimated to have spent an
average of about an hour a day on finding and preparing food. This did
include some farming - grain, sheep and pigs - along side a large amount
of hunting/gathering. None of which is beyond the capabilities of
Dragonewts. And as has been pointed out, reptiles need less food than
mammals anyway.

My own take on Dragonewts is that they only eat irregularly, and for
mystical rather than sustenance reasons. Any being that grow itself a new
body is sufficiently far from our reality that a little thing like three
square meals a day isn't going to slow it down.


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