From: David Cake (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 17:19:51 EET

>> The problem is, "Argrath" is as much a title as
>> a name, meaning "liberator"
> I am convinced that this is only true in King of Sartar where the
>is living in the fourth age. Argrath only started to be a synonym for
>liberator because that is what he accomplished. Before he became king of

>dragon Pass, Argrath was just an uncommon name.

        Except there are at least two other Argraths around at the time,
and in one of those cases (Bad Dream Enostar, aka Argrath of Pavis) we know
its an alias or title. Either they are all known as Argrath for a reason,
or there is a very extreme coincidence.


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