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Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 17:16:06 EET

I said:
>>The problem is, "Argrath" is as much a title as
>>a name, meaning "liberator"

Stancliff (the other Boggle):
>I am convinced that this is only true in King of Sartar where the writer is
>living in the fourth age. Argrath only started to be a synonym for
>liberator because that is what he accomplished. Before he became king of
>dragon Pass, Argrath was just an uncommon name.

Not so uncommon - though I'll be hard put to find a common Orlanthi name,
and still meaning liberator. Most names have a very distinct meaning, only
most of our "approved christian names" have a meaning in a different
language. Mine means farmer...

Master Gollum:

>>the Elurae fox-women

>I never read about them. Who are?

>Mentioned in KoS p103 and that's about it.

More is to be published for Hero Wars, enough info to play them.

Basically, they are animist hunters dominated by females, with the males
mostly leading a solitary or trod-on life (exept in the rut).

They aren't very powerful, but extremely good at hiding from humans.

Richard Develyn:

>And why are the vendref so gutless? They're almost like the equivalent of
>Oasis people in Dragon Pass. If they're ex-Heortlings why don't they join
>up with other Heortlings and rebel? Or are they just simple people who are
>happy to be farmers?

From their location, a lot of them may have come from Esrolia which isn't
exactly known for forceful behavior. Apart from that, the Grazers share the
same basic culture as the Char-un, and while they may be milder, this still
doesn't mean they are gentle towards groundlings.

Apart from that, they do rebel, and do get crushed when they do. Sometimes
Vendref make the escape into Heortling lands, in which case they have to be
lucky to avoid thralldom. (See KoDP).

Joerg (online from work, thus no duplicates, I hope)
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