Fiscal Diabolism

From: Christoph Kohring (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 17:04:40 EET

> From: "Drew Craft" <>
> Subject: Fiscal Diabolism
> A joke I'd like to see embedded in the Gloranthan firmament is the care and
> feeding of Lunar Tax Demons. Are these tax-evading misers working off their
> post-crucifixation debts? The Red Dancer of Power's less nubile siblings?
> Inhabitants of hell who are part of the imperial tax-farming system? I like
> the idea of provincial revenue diabolist as a career path (perhaps shared
> with Jalakeeli attracted to the spirit of commerce), but this feels a bit
> too modern.

"Fiscus diabolicus est" is certainly true for all time, places & realities !

Christoph Kohring

"Taxation is theft !" Murray N. Rothbard (Brooklyn 1926- Manhattan 1995)

Ceterum censeo fiscum delendum esse


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