Mystic Uzdom

From: Andreas Gustafsson (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 19:27:24 EET

Andrew Raphael wrote:

>>That is, their Denial powers would be closely linked with their
>>Devouring abilities : Dragonewts seek to distance themselves from the
>>World by Eating it all up.
>This sounds way too trollish to be true of normal dragonewts, but I
>can't argue with it being true for dinosaurs and apostate dragonewts.

Even though I liked what Julian Lord wrote about dragonnewts trying to eat the
world as a mystical exercise I too feel it sounds way to trollish.

While trying to keep this pretty way of living like a mystic I'm beginning to
think along the lines of introducing some Uz mystics IMG. Have anyone any
thoughts about Uz as mystics? (I've just recently bought Trollpak and haven't
really read it yet...)

Maybe the dragonnewts are really eating the world, but not in the material
sense? They are roaming around on the Other Side pretty often while travelling

aren't they? Who knows what else they maight be doing "over there"? :)


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