Re: Dragonewt Diets

Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 20:56:33 EET

Bob Stancliff:

<< Dragonewts are not an expanding race since they don't breed. >>

     While that's my impression too, I'll just toss out the fact, by way of
devil's advocacy, that the dragonewts are frequently described as 'neotenic
dragons', and a neotenic creature is, pretty much by definition, capable of

Graham Robinson:

<<My own take on Dragonewts is that they only eat irregularly, and for
mystical rather than sustenance reasons. >>

     Sandy Petersen has stated that the Ralian dragonewts never eat at all,
and that their bodies constantly wear out due to starvation as a result.
Presumably, though, this means they must be able to survive more than a week
or so without food, unless they're constantly regenerating new bodies, and
spend most of their time alive too ill to act...

Rick Meints:

<<The only book I would ever want to see on dragonewts would be how to play
them as weirdly and unpredictably as possible AND only as NPCs.>>

     They're in Anaxial's Record, but only in the context of NPCs - though,
in principle, somebody could back-calculate the stats to arrive at a Keyword
package if they really wanted to. I quite agree that they are not player
material, and that we shouldn't want (or need) to know anything much of their
culture and society beyond the 'these guys are WEIRD' level. We may perhaps
know *what* they do (e.g. Ralian dragonewts not eating anything) but nobody
on Glorantha has a clue as to *why*!

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