Vendref and Uz Mysticism

From: Lowell A Francis (
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 21:21:14 EET

Joerg Baumgartner writes re: Vendref
> From their location, a lot of them may have come from Esrolia which
> exactly known for forceful behavior. Apart from that, the Grazers
> share the same basic culture as the Char-un, and while they may be
> this still doesn't mean they are gentle towards groundlings.
> Apart from that, they do rebel, and do get crushed when they do.
> Sometimes Vendref make the escape into Heortling lands, in which case
> have to be lucky to avoid thralldom. (See KoDP).

And at least in my campaign I've used this as a potential source of
tension. Given that my group plays the dreaded Freakish Band of
Adventurers (tm), I've been trying to build background tensions for
future encounters for the Grazelander members of the group. Certainly
such escapes can be exploited either for a short-term scenario or a set
of longer tensions if the PC's tend to be affiliated with a particular

Andreas Gustafsson writes re: Mystic Uzdom

> While trying to keep this pretty way of living like a mystic I'm
beginning to
> think along the lines of introducing some Uz mystics IMG. Have anyone
> thoughts about Uz as mystics? (I've just recently bought Trollpak and
> really read it yet...)

My use of Uz mystics probably runs contrary to standard doctrine because
it relocates some concepts (from the Kralori to elsewhere). I've used the
Black Sun (with heavy changes) as both a mystic and a trickster figure.
As a trollish trickster Black Sun is significantly darker and more
dangerous. I liked the idea of Black Sun as an "other" to Yelm and the
solar pantheon in general. That concept of the "other" and revelation
through confrontation of that aspect seems like a good basis for
mysticism which would be understandable and presentable to PC's in the
course of a game. That's how I reworked it.

Lowell A. Francis

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