Dragonewt and Uz Eatings

From: Julian Lord (julianlord@yahoo.fr)
Date: Tue 21 Mar 2000 - 22:18:42 EET

Me :

>> That is, their Denial powers would be closely
>> linked with their Devouring abilities : Dragonewts
>> seek to distance themselves from the World by
>> Eating it all up.

Andrew Raphael :

> This sounds way too trollish to be true of normal
> dragonewts, but I can't argue with it being true for
> dinosaurs and apostate dragonewts.

Hm. Well, that's the obvious counter blow.

Actually, I think there's a difference in nature
between Uz Eating and Dragonewt Mystic Devouring.


When a troll Eats something, it's an act of
transformation ; the thing no longer exists, but there
is something else in its stead (don't ask !!).

The stomachs of a troll resemble an alchemical
furnace, if you will, rather than a mystic Void.


From the dragonewt POV that I propose, it is believed
that Glorantha (or more accurately : Ourobouros) is
Herself a Failed Mystic/Dragon, and that all
non-draconic matter that she contains is inherently
flawed substance ; but it can be spiritually refined
through regeneration, expurgation, and other practices
of draconic mysticism. The Ultimate Goal of dragonewt
mysticism is to become One with the Void that is
Ourobouros, in the Heart of Chaos, in the Outside of
Existence. To acheive this, Ourobouros (and the
dragonewts) must Devour the World.

Basically, the dragonewts believe that Glorantha is
made of Mystic DragonShit. They see little difference
(from this POV) between eating raw potato, boeuf
bourguignon, tiramisy, sauerkraut, lihasoppa, tortilla
de patatas, or one's own faeces. The difference that
there is, lies in their own Mystic relationship with
any one particular substance, as the Manifestation of
their own blindnesses.

Except for a trivially manifest matter of taste, it's
all dragonshit anyway.

Andreas Gustafsson :

> While trying to keep this pretty way of living like
> mystic I'm beginning to think along the lines of
> introducing some Uz mystics IMG. Have anyone any
> thoughts about Uz as mystics?

Not in mainstream Uz culture. The Uz are (basically) a
most material race, and they depend on their
physicality to define themselves, their culture, their
goddess, and to simply survive in Glorantha.

But there *is* a kind of mysticism that exists in Uz

Also through the 'cult' of Subere ; in this tradition,
the troll seeks to Become One with the Heart of
Darkness. This is very fearsome mysticism.

But remember, *every* large Gloranthan religion is
going to have *some* kind of 'mystic' philosophy
attached to it ; simply because these religions have
some kind of immanency and/or transcendance that is
central to their existence and their nature.

These mysticisms should only be confused with HW
'Mysticism', and more to the point with Eastern
Gloranthan Mysticism, provided some care is taken not
to ruin the particularities of these 'proper'


> BTW, Maybe the dragonnewts are really eating the
> world, but not in the material sense?

A perceptive question !

But the answer(s) is (are) probably transcendant :
from their draconic POV, 'material' and 'immaterial'
are (ideally) a nonsensical distinction that only
confuses those minds that cannot unfocus from the
Manifest (Mindshit). Liberation from (Transcendance
of) this confusion is also known as Dragon Magic.

Julian Lord

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