Prax and Horses

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 00:38:35 EET

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<< I'm aware that
 this stands in contrast to the fact of Pol Joni in Prax _and_ the
 Wastes, but maybe
 their horse magic is stronger than Yelmalios (Or, shame on me, are the
 Pol Jonis
 Yelmalions? They are Yelmist, aren't they?).>>

The Pol Joni are Orlanthi in origon but have been influenced by nomad
practices, they are not Yelmist, even if they have a remote and extremely
tenuous link with the Solar Pure Horse People.

<< All in all, I view most riders of non-nomadic origin riding zebras,
 since they
 resemble horses the most and they can use their riding skills at full
 value (ugly
 rules-lawyer-reason, isn't it). Due to the close relationship between
 zebras and
 horses, I wouldn't expect a normal Orlanthi to discriminate between them
 - - Yelmalions
 are something different, no dispute. >>

I don't really agree with the zebra taxi rank, although it is a reasonable
idea, I wouldn't describe it as a thriving business. Personally, I would make
zebra riding similar but not identical to horse riding, because zebra have a
different temperament to horses.

Keith N


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