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From: Gary R Switzer (gswitzer@loop.com)
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 00:41:01 EET

On page 58 of Genertela: CotHW it says on the Sartar Regional
Activity Table, under Rare Events:

    "Dragonewts hunting humans nearby; everyone
    stays indoors, priests leave traditional food
    sacrifices at altars."

(The Maniria Activity Table says much the same, though those
Dragonewts do this more often than their DP counterparts.)

This could be the simple Orlanthi leaving the equivalent of Milk
and Cookies for Santa (with carrots for the reindeer) and I assume
"traditional food sacrifices" means Traditional Orlanthi, but there
is certainly plenty of MGF potential there. I'm slowly working on
a story of an old hadrosaur wandering into someone's prize barley
field along the Creek and how the locals deal with it which should
tie in with both the Food and What do Dragonewts Eat? threads.

About a year ago, there was a thread about Newtling culture where
I posted the following about the Manirian Dragonewts and the
Newtlings of the Trachodon Marsh:

>I also suspect that a Dragonewt expedition to capture
>newtling slaves might look very odd to a human or troll
>hunter. The Dragonewts would probably be on the lookout for
>exceptional newtlings and some newtlings might be looking to
>prove how exceptional they are to be "favored by the
>attentions of dragonewts" as it says in Eldar Secrets. I
>bet coming across an encampment of Dragonewts doing Odd
>Draconic Things while newtling bachelors cluster around
>showing how worthy of being "caught" they are would provide
>plenty of MGF.

Those newtling slaves would probably spend some of their time
sellecting and brings tasty/interesting things to their masters
as part of their duties. Perhaps the Crested Dragonewts serve
the same function in DP?

Gary R Switzer
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