Sun County, Horses and Melisande's Hand

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 00:54:00 EET

When I ran Melisande's hand way back when I let the PCs roll for all the
participants (two of my PCs actually participated) and Carylon Squally
the local favorite won legitimately. If you care to read a synposis of what
happened it's on my web site at :

I also ran some sessions where the PCs served as the Sun County
equivalent to the Lunar Provincial Survey named (what else?) the Solar
Provincial Survey. They were mounted on zebras for the most part
except the two Praxians who rode their native beasts (bison and high
llama) and the tall Babeester Gor who also got a llama. The Solars
decided horses were not worth the hassle. I think that if the Solars
were looking at starting their own cavalry (instead of relying on Praxian
co-religionists) they'd probably stick with zebras instead of horses.
I also think they'd have to import somebody to teach Kushile(sp?)
Horse Archery if they wanted to start that again.

Oliver D. Bernuetz


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