Re: Argrath, Dragonewt Death Diets

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 04:06:39 EET

David D:

<< So that this wily Garrath
>Swordsharp guy very astutely saw the word-play he could do with his name &
>exploited it to the max !

 I always assumed Garrath was the pseudonym of Argrath, rather than the

     That seems to be the majority opinion (and probably that intended), but
I for one had always assumed the version Khristopher gives is the correct
one. Just IMG, no doubt...
<<> Sandy Petersen has stated that the Ralian dragonewts never eat at all,
>and that their bodies constantly wear out due to starvation as a result.
>Presumably, though, this means they must be able to survive more than a week
>or so without food, unless they're constantly regenerating new bodies, and
>spend most of their time alive too ill to act...
 Do you happen to remember where he said/wrote this? I'd love to see the full
context .>>

     He said it at Convulsion 96 - although, as Peter recalls correctly that
it was Teleos, not Ralios, that was mentioned, I assume he must also have
mentioned it elsewhere. I can't recall the exact context, and I don't think
the transcripts of that con were ever published, but I'm guessing it must
have been in the Lore Auction or the Cultural Exchange or some such.

<<(is there an earthly analog for a species that never eats? I vaguely recall
there is)>>

    You mean 'a plant'? :-)
    Seriously though, animals do need to eat, although some can survive for
remarkable periods of time without doing so by going into suspended animation
(the Amazing Indestructible Tardigrades being the champions, IIRC). Mind you,
some can eat a kind of liquid lunch, or, in the case of some flatworms and
the like, absorb nutrients directly from their surroundings, so that might be
what you're thinking of. And there are some that don't *drink*, since they
get enough water from their food.

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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