Re: Argrath

From: Robert McArthur (
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 04:34:23 EET

Bob Stancliff wrote:
> As I read it: Argrath was hiding in Pavis under multiple disguises. As a
> tavern minstrel, he went by the name Enostar(sp?), and as a sword master
> at the Humakt temple, he went under the name Garrath Sharpsword (notice
> the anagram: gARrath = ARgrath). When he was wandering with the Bison
> riders as a ground man, he founded the Brotherhood of the White Bull under
> his real name of Argrath. All of these people were known for disappearing
> for weeks at a time and no one connected the identities.

That just struck me - how much was the Humakt temple in Pavis involved
firstly in help Garrath generally, and specifically on the Cradle
times and later during the 'liberation' of Pavis?

Or do Humakt temples often just hire their spaces and teaching
rights out to anyone who can pay (and take an oath not to go
against Humakt's precepts)? For example, should - heaven forbid -
Onslaught (ducks!) be in charge, he almost certainly wouldn't give a
toss who was teaching on temple grounds. However, I see most temples
as being fairly political places, either just in their own cult or
wider such as in the politics of the entire town.



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