Dragonewts w/o Diets

From: Nick Brooke (Nick_Brooke@btinternet.com)
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 08:56:48 EET

Trotsky wrote:

> Sandy Petersen has stated that the Ralian dragonewts never eat at all,
> and that their bodies constantly wear out due to starvation as a result.

When I heard this one (at Glorontha-Con IV), it was dragonewts on Teleos. Of
course, he may have changed his mind since. Besides, I always like putting
weird stuff where players might get to see it. (With the obvious exception
in the top-left corner of the map).

> Presumably, though, this means they must be able to survive more than a
> or so without food, unless they're constantly regenerating new bodies, and
> spend most of their time alive too ill to act...

Presumably they "mystically" endure and overcome the pangs of illness and
malnutrition, enabling them to keep functioning in an heroically austere
fashion (boosted by appropriate dragon magics?) until the moment of
inevitable collapse. It's more fun that way, no?

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