Dragonewts as Mercenaries

From: Nick Brooke (Nick_Brooke@btinternet.com)
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 08:56:49 EET

Bob wrote:

> I have always been bothered by the 'newts hiring out mercenaries to the
> lunars, so in my game, this military aid was coerced by the lunars and
> resented by the 'newts. To restore their karmic balance they covertly
> aided Orlanth ...

As I wrote recently, the 'newts may have been serving in the forces of the
presumed rightful King of Dragon Pass (or the next best thing, anyway). This
is an office with considerable mythic/mystic power, and one closely linked
to the Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros. While your explanation is good fun and
slightly weird, it is perhaps too easy to understand to be "true".

Now, of course, if the Tarshite bids to become KoDP were partly motivated by
their desire to get groovy purple Dnewt warrior counters into their

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