The Second Light of Lhankor Mhy

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Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 11:20:06 EET

        One aspect of HW that I like a lot is that it encourages you to write. This
is an essay about a secret society a player of mine made up for his
character and which I have developed.
        I'm eager to be criticized (constructively, I hope)! ;)

        A hoping Alex.

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All Hail the Emperor's Word!


        The First Light of Lhankor Mhy was the Light of Knowledge, which he quested
for when he went in the Underworld during the Lightbringer Quest. The
members of this secret (and heretical) society claim that the Second Light
is the Light of Research. Irripi Ontor discovered it and used it to
re-create the Red Goddess. The power of researching new knowledge is one of
the deepest secrets of the Irripi Ontor's cult and one taught only to the
highest initiates.

        On the contrary, Lhankor Mhy's role forbids Gray Sages to invent new
knowledge. To recover what has been lost, yes. To collect, collate and
archive, yes, but not to discover. His initiates and devotees must learn by
heart their people's traditions, write them down, and lose them in their
huge libraries so that they must be recovered again. They are Knowing
Companions, but they never propose new ways of doing things.

        The members of the Second Light believe instead that, if the cult is to
survive, they must harness this power and use it against Irripi Ontor. But
since they have been delayed far too long by cult restrictions, they are
trying to catch-up exploring areas where even the most open minded Lunars
are cautious to go. They have begun to dabble in Sorcery and experimenting
with Chaos.

        It goes without saying that the cult's hierarchies try to oppose the Second
Light, cutting off its members from important positions for example. But
they are worried for it seems that the God keeps them in his grace, and many
members are Gray Sages in excellent standing. It is rumored that Salonar
Tamaskil, of Drastic Resolution's fame, was (is?) a member, as the Swenstown
Knowledge Temple High Priest.

                                        May the Emperor's Word always be my Wish,
                                                                                        A. L.


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