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Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 13:37:12 EET

Bob Stancliff:
> By Orlanthi myth this should technically be true. It is likely that
> Yelmalio stands in for his father in these mythic recreations. If we
> analyzed every module this carefully before they got published, the one or
> two that finally got published would be much higher quality, but the rest
> would be shredded in the review room and never see print.
My apologies to any of the writers of the scenario if they feel hurt by
my questions. Melisandes Hand is a very good scenario; this is attested
by the great number of campaigns it has been integrated into.
IMO it is
better to see Scenarios published and then any errors can be corrected
by the GM himself (if they are obvious) or by discussion with other GMs.
I'm playing RQ for a long time (since 88), but have neither the time nor
the spare brainspace ;-) to remember all the Glorantha-Stuff (Sorry for
this heresy, but all the Glorantha-related material sums up to nearly 2m
in my bookshelves, not to mention the diskspace). I remember many
things, but am sometimes neither sure nor right (See my statement about
Pol Joni being Yelmist - Shame on me). In the course of refereeing I
made many decisions (mainly due to the lack of official material and
maybe also due to mistranslating), which got me very far away from the
official line. In the recent, I decided to move again closer to the
official line. These were the main reasons, why I came with my questions
to the Digest, which I see as a forum for discussion between
Glorantha-GMs (and -Designers).
Reffering to the latter, it would be great, if errors detected and
suggestions discussed on the Digest would enhance the superior quality
of another print run of Sun County to "not seen before in any other
RPG"- quality in the course of HW (If something like this is planned).

The statement of Martin about him watching the discussion about Alkoth
is going in this direction. Here Glorantha IMHO can play out one of its
greatest advantages: It is a world, that has been developed, played in
and discussed about for a long time, and it has now a new start to get
rid of old inconsistencies and detected mistakes (no insults intended).
New players, which hopefully should be attracted by HW, can then profit
from a consistent background.

Bob Stancliff again:
> Isn't that the truth and, like the Vendraf, we tend to tolerate it! We
> are afraid to be called callous or heartless because we think that the
> majority of deadbeats the money is being spent on should get off their
> duffs and get real jobs to doubly reduce the tax burden!
I can't agree on this, but I also don't like to see a major political
debate, so I say no more.

David Dunham
and many others ;-)
> No, they are Orlanthi. (And in King of Dragon Pass, they have roots
> in your clan.)
Does this mean that the Pol Joni main connection to horses is via Elmal
aka Yelmalio?

Thanks for all answers,



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