Re: Deadly Dragonewt Diets and Yelm

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 15:45:44 EET

Nick Brooke:

<< > Presumably, though, this means they must be able to survive more than a
> or so without food, unless they're constantly regenerating new bodies, and
> spend most of their time alive too ill to act...
 Presumably they "mystically" endure and overcome the pangs of illness and
malnutrition, enabling them to keep functioning in an heroically austere
fashion (boosted by appropriate dragon magics?) until the moment of
inevitable collapse. It's more fun that way, no?>>

     Exactly my point.

<<> 1. Hasn't been Yelm the first husband of Ernalda and Yelmalio one of their
> sons? Shouldn't be a Yelm-initiate also a valid contestant?

If one turned up in Prax, I'm sure he could talk his way into it. It's a long
shot, though. (Besides, if you were descended from the ever-living Sun God
Emperor of Dara Happa, would you *want* to participate in a barbarian
fertility ritual on the fringes of the Wastes?)>>

     According to Sun County, 4% of the adult male population of the County
(i.e. about 160 people, I think) are worshippers of the Big Fiery One.
Apparently, they're mostly Lunar expatriates, who've presumably been Rather
Naughty at some point, or they wouldn't be out in the arse-end of nowhere. So

they're not really in short supply, compared with, say, worshippers of Argan
Argar. OTOH, I agree that they're unlikely to be willing to stoop low enough
to enter the contest - though I guess it depends what precisely the
Naughtiness they got exiled for was (lusting after nubile young women, say...)

Forward the glorious Red Army!


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