Yelm cultists in the lunar army

From: Andreas Mueller (
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 16:08:47 EET

Sorry to mail again. But this intrigued me:

Nick Brooke says:
> > 1. Hasn't been Yelm the first husband of Ernalda and Yelmalio one of their
> > sons? Shouldn't be a Yelm-initiate also a valid contestant?
> If one turned up in Prax, I'm sure he could talk his way into it. It's a
> long shot, though. (Besides, if you were descended from the ever-living Sun
> God Emperor of Dara Happa, would you *want* to participate in a barbarian
> fertility ritual on the fringes of the Wastes?)

I always thought an existing minority (especially in the officers rank)
of Lunar Troops would be Yelm-Warrior Initiates. Participation of one of
these probably in Pavis living guys shouldn't be so unreasonable.
Or would only Yelm-Emperor qualify?

Or am I confusing everything (in this case I'm going to shut up ;-)



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