Uz Mystics

From: Dan McCluskey (
Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 18:03:34 EET

I don't think that the Uz are mystics per-se, but there are definately
mystical aspects to some of thier practices. frex, I would guess that
Rulz-Wise in HW that Suberes "Attack Soul" power would be a mystic strike,
as well as some of their anti-chaos powers. In general though, Trolls are
just Ancestor Worshippers, with a particularly powerful and well-worshipped
set of ancestors ;-)

To nit-pick one small part of Julian Lord's otherwise fine opinions:
>The Uz are (basically) a
>most material race, and they depend on their
>physicality to define themselves, their culture, their
>goddess, and to simply survive in Glorantha.

I don't agree at all. It's just that the really powerful magicians rarely
interact with humans. The average Uz mother would utterly wipe the floor
with most humans in a magic duel. It's just that she's got better things to
do... so she sends her "weak and pathetic" husbands and sons to deal with
"dem hoomenz" And even they are no less magically powerful than your
average huscarl. Trolls have a deeply magical culture, and rely as much or
more on magic than humans do. They just have a relatively simpler set of
priorities about what to DO with their magic ("kill dem, an' eat dem!, Keep
mah momma happy.")

*** Warning, off topic bit ***

oh, and completely off topic:
>Blame oppression on those who are the most oppressed.
>What bollocks is that?.
It takes two to tango... noone can be truely opressed if they don't bow down
and take it. (compare the Irish of 150 years ago to today...) Donesn't mean
opression is a good thing, just that you can't opress someone for long who
won't have it. "No one can make you do anything" (oh, wait, that sounds
vaguely gloranthan ;-)

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