Dwarfs - HW and magic

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Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 19:36:17 EET

Ttrotsky (no relation of Ggoering) wrote:

<<Racial keywords are provided in the rulebook for elves, dwarves,
trolls and trollkin. For other races you can either try and work out
racial keywords yourself (its not desperately hard)>>

I'm trying to do this for Dwarfs - I'm aiming to duplicate the level
of detail in the Heortling chapter on the Issaries site.

I've taken the route of Dwarf cultural keyword & Dwarf caste keywords.
Anyone have a view as to whether I should go on to another
level and have occupation keywords too?
TERRA INCOGNITA writes (of Heroquesty matters):

<<(Dwarves use them as maintenance tools even in Symbolism
of More Magical Condition World: )>>

I'm very interested in Dwarfs' relations to Divine and Spirit magic
(and by implcation hero questing). The advice to new dwarfs seems
to be avoid gods and their doings as much as possible but, as parts
of the Worls Machine, they must have their uses.

I wonder if some dwarfs take the line of worshipping (insert god's
name here) with fingers crossed behind back in order to access
useful aspects of the Machine's functionality (i.e divine spells)
while maintaining some plausible deniability of theism?

Richard Crawley


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