Re: Not Eating

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 22:49:21 EET

Simon Hibbs:

<<(is there an earthly analogue for a species that never eats? I vaguely
recall there is).

Butterflies for one>>

     True, but they usually drink nutritious liquids, such as nectar, so they
are eating after a fashion - its not as if they're subsisting purely on
water, say. Having said which:

Andrew Barton:

<< Aren't there some species of insects which cannot eat after they emerge
from their chrysalis stage? I read this about silkworms, but since it was in
a historical novel it may just have been a wrong belief at the time.>>
     Certainly, although Dave D was asking specifically about creatures which
*never* eat. However, the insects that do this pull the trick off by living
for only a short time after they metamorphose - mayflies don't eat anything
once they sprout their wings for example. I don't know about silkworms
specifically, but there are some butterflies which don't even drink nectar
(some of them even lack mouths) so its quite possible.

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