Detailed Dwarves

Date: Wed 22 Mar 2000 - 22:49:23 EET

Richard Crawley:

<< I'm trying to do this for Dwarfs - I'm aiming to duplicate the level of
detail in the Heortling chapter on the Issaries site.
 I've taken the route of Dwarf cultural keyword & Dwarf caste keywords.
Anyone have a view as to whether I should go on to another level and have
occupation keywords too?>>

     When it eventually gets published, the dwarven players book will surely
have occupation keywords, although IMO they'll probably be identical with
what you're describing as caste keywords. Of course, dwarves do specialise
quite a lot, but I'd describe those specialities as individual skills rather
than full keywords myself.

<< I'm very interested in Dwarfs' relations to Divine and Spirit magic (and
by implication hero questing). >>

     It depends what you mean by 'heroquesting'. I'm sure dwarves gain powers
from the sorcery world, even though the way they do it would be different to
the way Heortlings do. Its still heroquesting of a sort, IMO, even if it
doesn't involve any personalised forces.

<< The advice to new dwarfs seems to be avoid gods and their doings as much
as possible but, as parts of the World Machine, they must have their uses.>>

     They probably just need to be fixed and returned to their proper,
impersonal, functioning. Dwarves just don't look on them as being gods, and
have difficulty believing they'd actually worship them.
<< I wonder if some dwarfs take the line of worshipping (insert god's name
here) with fingers crossed behind back in order to access useful aspects of
the Machine's functionality (i.e divine spells) while maintaining some
plausible deniability of theism? >>

     Sounds more God Learnerish than dwarven to me. Sure, dwarves sometimes
do gain access to divine spells, but those are what we call 'apostates'. I'm
also not sure how useful worship without belief would actually be, in terms
of getting the magic.

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