Re:Physical magic

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 00:05:43 EET

Danm argues with:

<< The Uz are (basically) a
>most material race, and they depend on their
>physicality to define themselves, their culture, their
>goddess, and to simply survive in Glorantha.
 I don't agree at all. It's just that the really powerful magicians rarely
 interact with humans. The average Uz mother would utterly wipe the floor
 with most humans in a magic duel. >>

'Physical' and 'material' are not opposites of 'magical' in this context. I
would change the emphasis of Uz experience to the phenomenal world -if they
can see it, smell it, hear it, eat it then it matters - if not then it
doesn't. In this sense they are not mystics (who think that stuff you can
see, hear, smell, feel, eat, doesn't matter).

My own choice for Troll Mystic Deity would be Jakaboom, but that is just
because I think Jakaboomers indulge in drumming trances. I am also reminded
of MANA YOOD SUSHAI, and Skarl the Drummer, but that is off topic, and not

Keith N


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