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From: David Dunham (
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 09:42:56 EET

Richard Develyn wrote:

> what is the southern boundary of the Grazelands. I've
> seen conflicting evidence in Trollpak and the Holy Country Map as to whether
> it goes down as far as the Building Wall (the other side of Runnel River).
> And how close does it get to the Shadow Plateau?

If I recall correctly, it's pretty much down to the Building Wall.
It's hard to get past that...

Andreas Mueller asked of the Pol Joni:

> > No, they are Orlanthi. (And in King of Dragon Pass, they have roots
> > in your clan.)

> Does this mean that the Pol Joni main connection to horses is via Elmal
> aka Yelmalio?

Elmal is not Yelmalio, but yes.

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