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From: Alexandre Lanciani (
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 10:48:12 EET

[Robert McArthur]

> That just struck me - how much was the Humakt temple in Pavis involved
> firstly in help Garrath generally, and specifically on the Cradle
> times and later during the 'liberation' of Pavis?

        Derenx the Handsome is a Lunar and a teacher at the Humakt temple.
        BTW, who is Derenx? RoC doesn't give a lot of info about NPC (just names,
in fact) so In My Pavis I've made him the chief sword of the Temple.

> Or do Humakt temples often just hire their spaces and teaching
> rights out to anyone who can pay (and take an oath not to go
> against Humakt's precepts)? For example, should - heaven forbid -
> Onslaught (ducks!) be in charge, he almost certainly wouldn't give a
> toss who was teaching on temple grounds. However, I see most temples
> as being fairly political places, either just in their own cult or
> wider such as in the politics of the entire town.

        IMG the Humakti are quite detached from such mundane affairs as politics
(so much detached that they get the personality trait as part of their
keyword). They are honorable mercenaries who fight for anyone who can pay
them as long as they can spread the *Noble* Death. And then use the money
they make to go crusading against the Undead.

        IMO there are many Humakti in the Provincial Army.

        A detached Alex.


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