From: Peter Metcalfe (metcalph@bigfoot.com)
Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 11:01:33 EET

Richard Crawley:

>I've taken the route of Dwarf cultural keyword & Dwarf caste keywords.
>Anyone have a view as to whether I should go on to another
>level and have occupation keywords too?


>I'm very interested in Dwarfs' relations to Divine and Spirit magic
>(and by implcation hero questing). The advice to new dwarfs seems
>to be avoid gods and their doings as much as possible but, as parts
>of the Worls Machine, they must have their uses.

The Decamony (Rock, Gold, Iron etc) _are_ the gods of the Dwarves.
They are the equivalent of the Celestial Court, Avanparloth, etc.
and consequently the Dwarves have no need to worship lesser
components of the world machine (Magasta, Orlanth etc).

>I wonder if some dwarfs take the line of worshipping (insert god's
>name here) with fingers crossed behind back in order to access
>useful aspects of the Machine's functionality (i.e divine spells)
>while maintaining some plausible deniability of theism?

Divine spells are sheer apostacy and dwarves are broken if
they cast them.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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