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Christoph Kohring:

JB>> Mythically,
>> the people of Wenelia are the descendants of Kethaa and Entru.

>Who are they ? I half-remember the Entruling tribe. Were they in any way
>connected with Aram-Ya-Udram ? And what about Mralot/ Mralota the
>boar-go(dess ?) in connection with the boar-people (or is it pig-people ?)
>of Wenelia ?

According to Tradetalk #4, the Entruli were originally Hsunchen
who lived in Kethaela. They consisted of six tribes: the Ramali,
the Heerili, the Maniri, the Weneli, the Drorgalrites and the
Vathmai. Since both the Drorgalrites in KoS and the Ramalians
today are associated with pigs, the Entruli were originally
swine hsunchen. It seems Mralot was the God Learner name for
the Entra, the sow mother.

In the Storm Age, Vingkotlings drove all Entruli (save for the
Vathmai and the Drorgalrites who swore friendship) westwards.
The Drorgalrites later became the Harandings and betrayed the
Vingkotlings at Arrowmound Keep (KoS p74).

The Harandings were present in the Dawn Age and lived on the
borders of Kethaela (BCG p12), which probably means their
descendants are the modern-day Ditali.

The Wenelians are shown in the Runequest Companion map as
being west of the Solanthi which might mean that they
are the modern Nimistori.

The Ramali ended up in Ramalia which leaves the Maniri
and the Heerili unplaced. One might be ancestral to
the Solanthi while the other might have lived on the
Isles. The Vathmai originally lived in Kethaela but
went westwards in the Dawn Age to free many slontans
from Pralori raiders. They ended up founding the
shortlived kingdom of Herolal which may have been in

Aram-Ya-Udram lived around the Ivory Plinth and was a
Heortling although his people (the Aramites) were not
counted as one of the Heortling tribes.

- --Peter Metcalfe


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