Uz Mystics

Date: Thu 23 Mar 2000 - 12:11:31 EET

Dan McCluskey :

>I don't think that the Uz are mystics per-se, but there are definately
>mystical aspects to some of thier practices. frex, I would guess that
>Rulz-Wise in HW that Suberes "Attack Soul" power would be a mystic strike,
>as well as some of their anti-chaos powers. In general though, Trolls are
>just Ancestor Worshippers, with a particularly powerful and well-worshipped
>set of ancestors ;-)

I agree about Attack Soul. Xiola Umbar worship seems to me to have some
mystical aspects too. When the body of Yelm arrived in the underworld,
she was one of the three gods that were there. When she percieved the

light for the first time she called it 'friendship from afar', which
I think is a mysytical insight.

Simon Hibbs


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