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>>Mythically, the people of Wenelia are the descendants of Kethaa and Entru.

Christoph Kohring

>Who are they ? I half-remember the Entruling tribe. Were they in any way
>connected with Aram-Ya-Udram ?

Yes. Apart from Nick's story, there is some info in the Broken Council
guidebook. Basically, they are non-Heortling Orlanthi of Maniria who appear
as foes e.g. in the Arrowmound saga, as allies elsewhere (Aram ya Udram).
They seem to be pig-people, have a greater friendship towards darkness than
the Heortlings, and they seem to embrace novelty as a virtue (conversions to
Lightbringer and Malkioni ways, Tusk Riders) without giving up some of their
basics (pigs...).

I don't know what their relation was to the urban people of pre-Darkness
Slontos (the builders of Erenplose, below the Mournsea since the first
flooding of Slontos, and its sister cities). They might even be savage
descendants of those people - a trend similar to the degradation of the
Praxian Golden Age people.

>And what about Mralot/ Mralota the boar-go(dess ?) in connection with the
>boar-people (or is it pig-people ?) of Wenelia ?

There has to be a connection. My personal opinion is that they had some
Golden Age "urban" culture (comparable to the arsenic copper axe culture of
Stone Age Anatolia) based on agriculture and pig-herding which degraded
under the onslaught of the Gods War into a few stubborn city sitters and a
majority of boar-Hsunchen or savage proto-Orlanthi with strong porcine ties
(the main difference would be the shape-changing, and as some people say,
who would notice if a Wenelian grew a snout, or add a bit more coarse hair
on their backs). They (re-?) adopted the divine worship when the
Lightbringer missionaries contacted them during the first century after the
Dawn (possibly earlier for those settling in Heortling territory, like the

>Christoph, an inquiring cow-lover in the Land of the Switzers

Heortlings seem to have strict views on Bestiality. Sheep are all right,
but... ;)

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